Executive Vice President and Provost Nicholas JonesNicholas P. Jones is the Executive Vice President and Provost of Penn State University. Reporting directly to the President, the Provost serves as chief executive officer in the President’s absence and is involved, at least peripherally, in nearly all University operations.

As the University’s chief academic officer, the Provost is responsible for all academic units (colleges, schools, and campuses) as well as major academic support units, such as the University Libraries, Educational Equity, Affirmative Action, and Information Technology Services. The Provost works closely with the President, other vice presidents, the vice provosts responsible for functional areas, the deans of academic colleges and other units, academic staff, the University Faculty Senate, and various committees in setting overall academic priorities for Penn State, and allocating funds to move priorities forward.

In higher education, the quality and effectiveness of our work profoundly and substantively impacts our students. At Penn State, we are committed to ensuring that our students receive an education that effectively prepares them not only for the modern workforce, but also for the challenges they will encounter during their lives.